• Atmos - A planet previously known as PX118.
  • Cities - Cities include access to various amenities within the Atmos Universe.
  • Community - This is the complex whole that includes the total sum of Atmos players, social participants, influencers, and team.
  • Emergent Intergalactic - Emergent is the canonical organization that first settled Atmos.
  • Equipment - The constituent parts of a complete Exo.
  • Exos - Exos are the lifeblood of pilots on Atmos. Exos allow pilots to fly, race, mine, and generally exist on Atmos. These are highly customizable, composable NFTs.
  • ExoGP - ExoGP is the first Metaverse-Native Sport. Pilots tune, modify, and race their Exos to compete for rewards and clout.
  • Fabrication - Players fabricate new gear by using existing gear as a blueprint and assigning OREs as inputs.
  • Gear - Gear is the term for the modular pieces that comprise Equipment, and thus, Exos.
  • Land - Ownable property that can be mined, leased, or resold by its owner.
  • Metaverse-Native Sports - Metaverse-native sports refer to the game modes available in Atmos.
  • ORE - OREs are the various resources in Atmos that can be used to craft gear.
  • Pilot - Pilots refer to player accounts within Atmos.
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