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A New Universe

Disclaimer: All content in this draft documentation is subject to change.


Atmos is an expansive universe dedicated to metaverse-native sports. It has a rich land and resource-based economy, an emergent crafting system, and an omnidirectional flight interface.
The world blends mechanics from gaming, storytelling, and emerging technology to empower its inhabitants. Together, these core components enable an incremental evolution into an interconnected world and exists as part of the greater decentralized, open metaverse.
Players take on the role of Exo pilots, fearless settlers who journeyed to the planet Atmos to mine its rich veins of rare OREs and minerals. These settlers quickly found that their flight suits ("Exos") - designed to give their users unprecedented control, maneuverability, and power - could be used for more than just mining. This created Atmos' planetary pastime and the first metaverse-native sport: ExoGP.


  • Exos are omnidirectional flight suits. Each Exo is a composable digital collectibles containing multiple pieces of equipment.
    • Equipment is composed of pieces of gear.
    • Each piece of gear is a distinct digital collectible that players can equip, sell, or use for fabricating.
  • Land is broken into plots that players can purchase, lease, and mine for OREs.
  • OREs are resources used to fabricate gear.

Core Experiences


  • Competition - Create meaningful skill-based multiplayer experiences.
  • Spectacle - Inspire awe and captivate player imaginations.
  • Identity - Promote individuation and customization.
  • Transparency - Enshrine community feedback in development and decision making.
  • Decentralization - Develop Atmos in concert with the community and incrementally advance player ecosystem ownership.
  • Cooperation - Partner with other companies, protocols, and communities to advance the open, decentralized metaverse.
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