ExoGP is the first official Metaverse-Native Sport and serves as the planetary pastime for Atmos residents. Pilots race each other through courses or stadiums, endeavoring to be among the first racers to cross the finish line. Different courses emphasize different attributes and skills, with straighter courses favoring higher top speeds and winding courses emphasizing mobility and acceleration.
Multiplayer is one of the core modes of Atmos and offers several playable PVP matchmaking playlists under the ExoGP umbrella. More to come within Multiplayer as the Metaverse-Native Sports portfolio expands.

ExoGP Playlists

  • Quickplay: Racing mode that does not include entry fees and not bound by competitive stakes. Quickplay unlocks Exhibition after a certain quantity of matches have been played.
  • Exhibition: Daily races that include entry fees, purse payouts, and may include other prizes for participation.
  • Custom Games: Non-public lobbies where a player can set up their own races and compete against friends in a closed, private match. These do not contribute to MMR progression, experience and rewards.
  • Special Events: Races with modifiers that tweak the general formatting.

The Spoils

Certain race modes requires an entry fee from each pilot. These pooled funds comprise the race's pot which the players compete to win. Various leagues and special events may have additional prizes for the top racers, including gear and unique badges.

The Fans

Watch your favorite teams and players compete against one another, defeat bitter rivals, and celebrate victories. Viewing sports on Atmos is as immersive an experience as the competition itself with multiple camera views, procedural editing, commentators, in-game viewing opportunities, and ways to support your favorite teams or players.