Atmos is split into eight regions. Each region is divided into plots that are available for purchase. Formed through realistic modes of planet-formation, land speculation gains a meaningful dimension through giving real-world geologic techniques bearing. Each Plot has a different mineral composition, which effects mining yields. Plot owners can lease, develop, mine, and resell their plots.
  • Regions: Eight primary regions, each with its own unique biome. Regions are collections of adjacent plots.
  • Cities: There is at least one city within each region and towns can be constructed through proximate plots joining together. Towns and cities contain plots with Atmos default services.
  • Plots: The smallest subdivision of land. Plots are typically hexagonal and can be used for mining, building structures, and creating applications.


The planet Atmos is not fully habitable yet, but terraforming activities make new regions and plots available to players. Generally speaking, areas on Atmos are one of the following:
  • Exclusion Zone: Non-terraformed area that is not yet available for purchase.
  • Inclusion Zone: Plots within the terraformed region that are available for purchase.
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