Fabrication is the process of creating new pieces of gear. To Fabricate a new piece of gear, players use existing gear pieces as a blueprint and input relevant OREs to output a brand new piece of gear. The new gear inherits properties from its Blueprint and may undergo other mutations to its appearance or attributes. New pieces can be used to augment player equipment or sold to other players.


The starting piece of gear that serves as the inspiration for the new piece of gear. Blueprints can be made up of a composition of composites.


Compositions are what OREs make up a piece of gear. Each gear has a Primary, Secondary and Tertiary slot with a total base size distribution at 100%. Distribution is broken down as followed:
  • Primary - Most prominent section of a piece of gear
  • Secondary - Second most prominent section of a piece of gear
  • Tertiary - Least prominent section of a piece of gear

Size Mod

Furthermore, each piece of gear has a total physical size based on the ORE/s that make it up. It is broken down into two parts:
  • Base Size: Standard size across all gear. This defaults to 100.
  • Size Mod: Size modification from the base size to account for larger or smaller pieces of gear and determine how many OREs are required to create a new piece.


Defined as a Fabrication Timer, this is the delta between confirming a Fabrication and the output of a new piece of gear.

Tuning & Configuration

Post-fabrication, players can tune their Exos to adjust their stats, color and calibrate their gear. The sum of the gear pieces that form the Exo determine its stats and appearance.
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