Competing is the most glamorous way Atmosians make their living and bask in its spectacle. From its first settlers in search of an edge, to a miner tweaking their gear to quarry more ORE, to a crew shaving a tenth of a second off a lap time, competition is the lifeblood of Atmos. There is no more obvious an embodiment of this spirit than on the 'field'.
The first sport to captivate Atmos is ExoGP, a flight-based racing for PC that replicates the AAA driving experience in three dimensions. Enjoy 6DOF as you race against other players in epic locations in and around Atmos. Vie for dominance through ranking, leaderboards, and seasonal league events.
With a slate of additional game modes planned, ExoGP is the first step toward a world of Exo-enabled sports and interactions.
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