2090 - The first Colony ships leave Earth heading for the nearest habitable planets.
2215 - The Great Migration. The development of the Tsung-dao Relativity Pocket and Superluminal Drives allows for space travel at faster than light speeds. From the dying nest of Earth and its neighboring systems, humanity spreads further and faster across the stars.
2370 - Sten changes his name to Erikkson and founds Emergent.
2370 - Emergent searches the galaxy for ores. Subsisting off asteroid mining, Emergent becomes increasingly proficient at creating Exo suits. Sten fabricates the Mk. I Exo, upping Emergent’s asteroid mining potential.
2442 - A deep space probe explores atmos for the first time.
2444 - Emergent claims the mining rights to Atmos and its surrounding space.
2473 - Sten dies and his beloved daughter, Alma, becomes CEO of Emergent.
2474 - 2477 - With profits high, Alma orders a specialized terraforming platform from the Buchephalan Shipyards.
2480 - The platform - christened Pleasance - arrives over Atmos and begins terraforming Region One.
2486 - As the wealth of Planet Atmos is slowly revealed, freeminers flock to Pleasance in the hopes of getting a piece. Alma contracts them to mine the system’s asteroid belt as the terraforming progresses. Times are good.
2494 - With Region One free of Atmos’s native atmosphere, Alma begins construction on Ochre City. Opening the inclusion zone of Atmos to free mining on the condition that Emergent is the sole buyer of any ore found.
2505 - Ochre City opens. Emergent moves its headquarters down onto the planet. More and more freeminers flock to Atmos. Shine is distilled from the planet’s purple fungus for the first time.
2507 - Alma fabricates a more affordable Exo (Mk. II) to sell to the arriving freeminers.
2509 - Alma installs the Ramparts around Region One so that Pleasance can move on to terraforming Region Two.
2510 - The Ramparts collapse. Alma is killed and Ochre City ruined. Pleasance is forced to return to Region One to hold the storms at bay with its Terraforming drives. Any surviving surface dwellers are forced back aboard Pleasance, overtaxing the atmospheric purifiers and raising tensions due to overcrowding.
2511 - Without a consensus on who should replace Alma as CEO, the surviving Erikksons attempt to control Emergent via a family board. However, internal squabbling dampens the board’s effectiveness.
2515 - Ronok Erikkson seizes power for himself and consolidates his control over Emergent.
2516 - The Rampart drives are brought back online around Region One. Plans to terraform Region Two are postponed as Ronok tries to save Emergent from impending financial collapse
2517 - With overcrowding leading to violence, Ronok issues an Ordinance, co-signed by Atmos’s Convention Warden, Buel, effectively forces most on Pleasance to move back to the planet’s surface of Pleasance and reinhabit Ochre City to make room on Pleasance and repopulate the mines on Atmos.
2521 - The system’s asteroids and moons are completely stripped of ore. Emergent’s profits recover, even as miners’ wages are cut. Exo Racing booms as the dissatisfied workers look for an outlet.
2522 - Ronok issues another Ordinance, abolishing freemining on Atmos’s surface, and forcing miners to work in only certain areas. He also orders the fabrication of the more expensive Mk. III Exo while discontinuing parts production for the Mk. II so that miners are forced to abandon the old mark, and rent out the prohibitively expensive new suits.
2523 - The United Miners of Atmos forms around a hard core of popular Exo racers and begins organizing protests demanding safety regulations, human rights, better pay, and medical care.
2529 - The Rampart fails again, casualties in the recently repopulated Ochre City are high, Emergent claims that terrorists linked to UMA sabotaged the drives.
2529 - Ronok issues an Ordinance dissolving the UMA.
2530 - The United Miners go on strike on Pleasance, Ronok orders the Huskarls to crush the protest in what will come to be called The Reaping.
2530 - A surviving hardline core of the UMA breaks off to form Ordinance, a revolutionary terrorist cell intent on delivering justice to those responsible for the Reaping.
2530 - A faction of the Erikkson family tries and fails to vote out Ronok. They are punished.
2530 - Ronok’s brilliant young nephew, Nik, leaves Atmos to attend Convention War College.
2531- 2543 - Emergent stagnates, the terraforming progress on Atmos is stymied by Rampart failures, Exo racing and racing culture gains underground traction throughout the galaxy, Ronok’s administration officials become more concerned with maintaining their positions and lining their pockets than progressing technology and generating profits, Ronok is increasingly withdrawn and paranoid. Enforcement of laws against racing slowly become more relaxed The Underground racing circuit is huge money for the gangs and bookies that have replaced many of the freeminer immigrants.
2544 - Ronok dies, and, after a brief squabble within the family, Nik Erikkson emerges as the new CEO of Emergent, returning to Atmos with new ideas and a fresh perspective.
2550 - Exo Racing, while still nascent, is gaining popularity.
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