What is Atmos?

Atmos is an expansive, play and own ecosystem with a strong land and resource based economy in order to facilitate the incremental evolution into a fully decentralized, open Metaverse. It is also the name of the Planet.

Who is building Atmos?

You are. Join the community of builders here.

Can everyone participate?

Anyone will be able to participate in mining and fabricating with an internet connection and a Web3-compatible wallet. Computer requirements for ExoGP will be released later.

What platform is Atmos built on?

The initial digital collectibles will be on Ethereum, though the team is actively considering which platform suits the needs of gameplay. We will have as much of the game off-chain as possible while retaining robust player and community ownership.
How can I get involved in the Community?
There are a number of official channels for players to gather in and connect with one another. Come join the community, share your thoughts, and build Atmos with your fellow players.
How will Atmos tell its story?
Atmos' rich lore spans multiple kinds of media, including gameplay, comics, drops, and more.
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