Exos are the omni-directional flight suits that pilots operate to accomplish various tasks. Every pilot needs an Exo to live, work, and compete in Atmos.
Exos are composable NFTs comprising multiple pieces of equipment, which in turn are composed of pieces of gear. Gear has unique characteristics that effect the overall effectiveness of an Exo in a given task or competition.
One Possible Configuration of an Exo MKIV


Five pieces of equipment come together to form a complete Exo.
  • Endo: The Exo's undersuit or coverall.
  • Helm: The Exo's helmet, HUD, and visor display.
  • Jetpack: The primary thruster unit located on the pilot's upper back.
  • Gauntlets: Arm thruster units.
  • Greaves: Leg thruster units.


Where an Exo is comprised of pieces of equipment, each piece of equipment is comprised of multiple pieces of gear. A full set of equipment makes a complete and functional Exo.
As each individual piece of gear has its own associated characteristics and attributes, the sum of attached gear stats determine an Exo's stats and appearance.
Players can use a piece of gear as inspiration to fabricate a new piece of gear.